Update: From Vincent

It’s been a month, and we’ve come to our third review of timepieces within the collection of Seong Shik and I, over the span of one month. I’ve been enjoying the process, learning and also keeping myself busy with work and writing, brainstorming ideas on every alternate day.

Last Australian winter, I’ve paid a visit back to Malaysia for my family and friends. During that short trip home, I got the chance to meet with Marshall, the Founder and Lead Content Curator over at The Matick Blog, and Pete the owner of Malaysian cafe Front Room & The Kneady Baker. We exchange thoughts and ideas, with interesting conversations on the long table of Front Room, where The Matick Blog and Front Room collaborated together to bring watch events and get-togethers to live.

I’ve met both Marshall (left) and Pete (right) over at the Front Room.

Of course, at that time was before SHIKAISEKI was founded, and I expressed my interest to become a contributor for The Matick Blog. Marshall welcomed me with open hands. After that meeting, I returned to Melbourne to continue my journey of job-hunting and getting all tied up with all the minor life events. With that, I do want to apologize to Marshall for not being able to contribute after the conversation.

In October this year, I received a call from Marshall after a while. Marshall offered me to join The Matick Blog despite the fact that I have SHIKAISEKI here to run. That didn’t stop me from making any decision. In fact, I did not hesitate to make the decision at all.

Today, it is my pleasure and honour to announce that I, Shi Kai, is now part of Team Matick over at The Matick Blog.  

The Matick Blog was founded in 2015 by 4 Law Graduate including Marshall himself, in the university common room in Oxford, United Kingdom. Now we’re expanding with KC and I, as latest acquisition, and shaking things up over the Malaysian watch community and soon, the internet (yes I’m confident like that). 
Click here to read more on The Matick Blog’s story.

Now the question may arise:

What’s gonna happen to SHIKAISEKI after?

The answer from me is simple, I will be working on both sides in creating and writing content. So do check out The Matick Blog as well for one of the best quality content that you can find over any watch blogs. In the future, there might be a chance for SHIKAISEKI to collaborate with The Matick Blog for events and get-togethers in Malaysia. Though this might be uncertain, it is one of the possibilities that can happen, and I am excited for it to happen.

I would love to thank Marshall for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to be in Malaysia to contribute more and work with the rest of the team together.

Shi Kai (Vincent) Lim.

Click here to read more about Team Matick on The Matick Blog, and an Open Letter by Marshall.

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