An Even Better Value? – Casio MTP-V007 Review

When you think of Casio watches, excluding the G-Shock series, the general public would think that they are cheap watches that you can find in any watch shops in side a mall. Although the statement is 100% correct, there is a great amount of value that people overlook. Remember when I said the Seiko 5 series is the ultimate value? The Casio we have on hand today, the MTP-V007D-7E, is a serious contender for that title.

Is it going to steal the title?

The first impression of this watch will most likely remind you of a more expensive, yet popular watch – Cartier Tank. Reminiscent of its more expensive counterpart, the MTP-V007 also has a female-sized counterpart. While the MTP series is for men, the LTP series is for the ladies.

The MTP on my wrist, the LTP on my partner’s wrist

Looking at the dimensions of the MTP-V007, it is a comfortably wearable 29×41×7mm. Although this size may not be suitable for the big-wristed men out there, I would certainly say that it is easily suitable for most wrists. The case, despite looking like stainless steel at first glance, is actually a chrome-plated one. The giveaway for this is the weight of the watch, as it is very light. The lack of a stainless steel case may reek low quality, however at this price point (around US$20-$30), we really shouldn’t be picky.

By now, all of you should have realized my love for coffee

Fortunately, the bracelet is made out of stainless steel. The oyster-style bracelet has two fine, vertical streaks of polishing, giving it a good mix of brushed and polished finishing at this price point. As expected, the links are folded. The bracelet comes with a reliable friction clasp with the Casio logo etched onto it.

That sunburst effect, despite being an indoor shot

Moving onto the dial of the watch, this is where the Casio really shines – both figuratively and literally. The silver, sunburst dial is quite a mesmerizing one, making you tilt the watch to view the sunburst effect from different angles. I am definitely guilty of doing this. The glass protecting this beautiful dial is mineral glass.

Thanks to its thinness, it slips right in

Apart from the sunburst effect, the dial has black, printed indices and only two lines of text – the Casio logo and ‘water resist.’ Complementary to the simple push-pull crown at the three o’clock position, the watch is believed to have a water resistance of 30m. Unfortunately, Casio does not exclusively state how much water the watch can handle. Best not to risk it, of course.

Sunburst effect shot #2…and coffee once again

The movement driving this watch is the Casio module 5361, which has a hacking feature. However, very limited info regarding the movement is available online. According to the manual, the movement has an accuracy of -20 to +20 seconds per month. I have tested the accuracy over a one to two week period, with the Casio being accurate to +0.2 seconds per day, while the Aqua Terra was +0.1 seconds per day. Considering its price, I was very happy that the Casio was keeping very accurate time. Your luck may vary with cheaper quartz movements, however I do consider myself lucky.

Quite versatile, I’d say

Looking at this watch as a whole, I would say that this Casio is very basic. Some may have negative connotations of the word ‘basic,’ however for this watch, it is its strong point. The watch is so basic and affordable that it feels like it is a must-have in one’s watch collection. It is a basic, grab-and-go watch that can match both casual and dressy outfits – a truly versatile watch, dare I say.

The verdict of Casio vs. Seiko 5?

At the beginning of this review, I mentioned about value and the Seiko 5 series. So, how does this Casio fare? I would outright say that this watch beats the Seiko 5 series in terms of value. Sure, it is not an automatic timepiece which shows the beautiful art of watchmaking. However from a general perspective, including those who are not watch enthusiasts, this 20 to 30 dollar watch may be the only one you need. No hassles of owning an automatic timepiece, and a timepiece that suits any outfit. What more can we ask for?

Surely at least one would tick all your boxes!

In conclusion, if you: (1) want or want to try a rectangular watch, or; (2) want a truly versatile watch, and don’t want to spend too much while you’re at it, THIS is the watch to go for. If rectangular watches or silver dials aren’t your thing, fret not, as Casio has many offerings that you can choose from.

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