About Us

SHIKAISEKI is an online blog that features reviews, opinions, critiques or featuring brands, products and places that we think are worthy of attention from the public, ranging from regular consumer to enthusiasts, where watch serves as our core product in focus.

SHIKAISEKI was co-founded in the year 2018 by Vincent alongside his best friend, Seong Shik (Robin) Kim, who is also an audiophile and wristwatch enthusiast, with inspirations where opinions on watches are freely expressed, individualism aspect of every watch, products and places should be emphasized.

At this stage, SHIKAISEKI will serve as a side-project for founders to mark our presence into this vast and ever-growing world-wide-web, and we look forward to expanding further in the near future and making something that people will enjoy reading and talking about.

We thank you humbly in advance for your reading and support and stay tuned for more upcoming content by us.


Vincent & Robin